GBCN to host convention

The Green Building Council of Namibia (GBCN) will host a convention from 22  to the 24th of April with the aim of promoting sustainable building.

Speaking to The Villager GBCN Chairperson Freidrich Muketi said the convention will be attended by architects, Engineers bankers and quantity surveyors from both Namibia and a few countries from the Southern African Community (SADC).

“This is the second time were holding the convention, last year we had 120 participants. This year we hope to have a number of 200 participants minimum to participate in the training and the convention itself,” said Muketi.

Muketi added that they are expecting about 200 delegates to attend the convention which will also have a training session in the first two days with the bid to encourage

 GBCN is a part of the global village.

Muketi added that the GBCNA is a non-governmental council which specialises in promoting sustainable and manageable building across their members

 He added that his organisation focuses on building through harmless methods to the environment, manage energy, transport, water, materials, land, innovation and social factors.

GBCN board is made up of Engineers, Architects, Educators, and Bankers.

Muketi stressed that it is important to have a wide attendance to broaden their knowledge base.

He added that, “Knowledge about sustainability, reduction of harmful gases and the utilization of renewable energy among others will be discussed at the convention whose theme is: Sustainable Building; Waste Not.”

 He said Namibia is moving towards the advancement of a solar farm in Tsumeb producing 60mega watts, but that the government should put measures in place that will encourage investors towards such ventures.

Muketi said last year they hosted delegates from Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

 “The four day programme will be divided into two parts, the first two days will mainly be training and the convention that starts on the third day will run to the fourth day. Those that wish to take part can do so for a fee of N$2000 for the training and N$4000 if they want to attend the convention as well,” he said.

Muketi indicated that there was a promotional package in place that will be collected upon registration and that participants are eligible for an online exam that accredits them GBCNA professionals.