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Man stabbed for kissing another girl

Mon, 16 March 2015 10:55
by Chris-Paul

Chris Narimab is currently recovering from grievous stab wounds to the stomach inflicted by his girlfriend during an argument after he was caught kissing another girl last week.
Narimab and his girlfriend of two years, Laurentina Tsues, were at Weekend Bar in Damara Location of Katutura when the fight broke out.
According to Narimab, he was caught by his girlfriend being kissed by another girl, which led to a fight on their way home from the bar where the two and others spent the night together drinking alcohol.
“I told her I was going home and on my way home I met this girl from my street who has a crush on me. We spoke for a few minutes and then she started to kiss me, I tried to push her away but my girlfriend and her friends saw us because of the lights of the car that was passing,” said Narimab.
A fight broke out between the girls and Narimab found himself in the middle of it. “I was trying to help the other girl because she was outnumbered by my girlfriend and her friends.  In the process, I slapped my girlfriend and she took a knife from her friend and stabbed me three times in the stomach,” he said.
Narimab was rushed to the hospital, where he was joined by his girlfriend and her friends later. Speaking to Metro from his hospital bed, he said he had told health officials that he was stabbed by random bandits who had tried to rob him.
“She was right here with me when I was talking to them and she is really sorry about this. We were all drunk and she did not mean to do it,” he said.
Tsues, who was also present during the interview, claimed that her outrage was alcohol-induced.
“I did not even know I was stabbing him and I only realised what I had done when he was being loaded on a taxi to the hospital. That is why we followed to the hospital and I have been here every day since,’ said Tsues.
Narimab was adamant that things will get back to normal after refusing to open charges against his girlfriend whom he said was right by his side.