Every artist thatÔÇÖs made it big started small - Sam - E Lee Jones


What got you into producing?
No one was willing to make beats for me so I just decided to learn. I thought to myself, how hard can it be. It turned out to be fairly easy.
How do you balance being a producer and a candidate legal practitioner?
If you’ve worked on anything long enough it really becomes easier and you don’t allocate as much time to it as before. I’ve made music longer than I’ve studied law so I use more time for that than I do to make music. When I started in 2003 or 2004 I would sit for hours to make a beat or write a song, now it just take 30 minutes. Whereas with the law I am still learning and need more time.
Were you always a House producer or did you evolve as House music became more popular?
I started making producing hip-hop first. I only started making house music around 2007 or 2008. It was always a genre I liked and when I stared producing it out of curiosity I found that I was really good at it. Plus it is the easiest genre for me to make. The reason I produced mostly house can be attributed to its popularity.
These are the best times to be a House producer, but how long do you think they will last?
I think these are great times to a producer in general. The distance from the creator to the audience has been shortened but technology. You can produce a song on Friday, play at a function on Saturday and see a tweet about it on Sunday. it just so happens that currently house music the fastest vehicle to travel that distance in.  As far as how long its going to last for, I cant say with certainty. Music is not as predictable as some would think.
You’ve had success working with Gazza. How is he different from the other artists you’ve worked with?
He does his own thing. Other artist that try to make house music, adapt the flow that South African Artist use, while he has found his own unique style of mixing rapping and singing on house beats that we can truly call a domestic sound. But he is not the only artist that I’v worked with that has managed to find their own style, Blacksheep and Mekox achieved this as well. Plus, I’m very selective with who I work with and those artist are really unique and good at what they do.
What are some of the songs that you have worked on that have been pumping on our radios?
I don’t really listen to radio much but when I do, “my boeta” by Gazza ; “transformer”by DJ Chezza, “L.O.L” by DJ 2Piece; “Koloko Dance” by DJ Xavi
Is a NAMA award on your priority list?
Not at all. I make music because I love it and for the people, not for accolades. If a certain organisation recognises my work off its own accord and wishes to show that with an awards. That’s welcomed. It would really depend on who votes and the basis thereof.
You give a discount to upcoming artists. How much is that and what’s your reasoning behind the decision?
Every artist that’s made it big started small. It would remiss of me to isolate my self from upcoming artist because we were all at that point. But you can only help those that help themselves. I don’t do it often and when I do, all I ask it that the artist be serious about their music. That said, I have to balance between the value I place on my work and the helping some artist who just need a little help. It would really take someone who is really talented and hardworking for me to just give away my work for what would see practically free.
Who’s your favourite local artist?
What local artist would you like to work with next?
If you could work with any other international producer or artist who would it be?
Timothy Zachery Mosley aka TIMBO THE KING and Rihanna
If you had to create a music band in Namibia, pick two female and two male artists that you would work with and the name you would call the band?
That’s a tough one. Raphael and Pelle vs Oteya (Dephnie from GAL LEVEL) and Sally. I would call it !HAMARE just for fun – I think it means brother or sister in law in damara-nama or something of that nature (I don’t guarantee the spelling)
They say lawyers are the lie a lot. Is that true or is it only for the courtroom?
Such saying not only offends the profession but distracts people from the important work lawyers do.
What are you currently working on?
DJ Xavi’s Album