Bank Windhoek introduced safe and secure internet banking for its clients today, 02 March 2015, in Windhoek.

Harrycio Landsberg, business development officer: Electronic Channels at Bank Windhoek explained that more clients, both Corporate and Individual, are now making use of Internet Banking Services. Internet Banking allows Bank Windhoek clients to safely have access to their bank accounts from their homes, which is also made it cheaper than over-the-counter transactions.

As the online financial transactions increases, online fraud also increases and thus exposes clients to phishing scams. Bank Windhoek will then re-launch its iBank to offer its clients the assurance of three layers protection to keep their money safe and secure from online fraudsters. During your Internet Banking session, all communications are performed via Secure Socket Layers and 128 bit encryption.

This process transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognisable characters to keep the transmitted information safe from unauthorised parties. A unique username and password is assigned to all users upon registration. This is the second security layer. The user will be required to change their initial password to a password of choice complying with newly introduced international security standards, to ensure that a strong password is associated with the client’s online profile. The third security layer is the E-Secure Token, a small device that authenticates the client’s identity before logging into his/her Internet Banking account, preventing access to their online services by unauthorised users.

The client enters their secret PIN on the token, which then generates a unique OTP (one-time-PIN). This unique code is used together with the username and password to log onto the client’s iBank account. The E-Secure Token is received for free after registering for iBank. Apart from the security layers, Bank Windhoek also provides notification service, whereby clients are notified on all activities done on their Internet Banking profile via SMS/email.

Email notification services are offered free of charge, while SMS notification service are available at a small fee. “Our iBank clients are advised to ensure that all possible security measures are taken to protect their online banking. Clients can enquire or sign-up for all online services at any Bank Windhoek Branch, Internet Banking Department or through the Bank Windhoek Customer Care Centre”, says Landsberg. For more information on Bank Windhoek’s iBank, clients should visit the nearest Bank Windhoek Branch or contact the Customer Contact Centre at Tel: (061) 299 1200.