Woman stabs ex over child support

A 34 year-old Outapi woman, Ndapewa Uumba, stabbed her baby's father twice on the shoulder last week when the two disagreed over their child support.
Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner, Bonifatius Kanyetu confirmed the incident adding that police were dispatched to deal with the case.
Upon arrival, Commissioner Kanyetu said, police found the man, identified as Tonateni Itewa, screaming and in agony after having sustained stab wounds to his shoulder.
"As police approached, a man, later identified as Itewa, fell to his knees. He was bleeding from his back. He was not able to speak at the time. The man was in pain and police helped to get him to the hospital," said Commissioner Kanyetu.
The suspect's cousin, who also lived in the same house, told police that she witnessed an argument between the victim and his child’s mother that led to a fight.
"The witnessed said she heard the suspect complaining that Itewa never paid attention to their 2 year-old daughter.  She then pulled a serrated knife from her bag and chased Itewa with it, threatening to kill him," Commissioner Kanyetu said.
He said Itewa ran into the bathroom and she push her way in, and stabbed him twice on the shoulder.
Itewa confirmed he had opened an assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm case CR27/02/15, but denied starving their baby.   
"I send money to her last month and I had no idea what she was talking about claiming I did not. The truth is she is an angry woman by nature and I heard she went to drink alcohol to get confidence before coming to my place. I did not provoke her, she clearly came with intentions to harm me," he said.
Although Itewa admitted to Metro that he tried to scare her away by threatening to beat her up, he said he did not lay a hand on her.
"I tried all that I could to scare her away, but in the end, it just made her angrier. Her temper is one of the reasons we broke up in the first place," said Itewa. The suspect was arrested but not formally charged at the time of going to press.