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Van Tonder targets national team

Mon, 2 March 2015 17:57
by Andreas Kathindi

Winner of the ladies’ title of the first Bank Windhoek Namibia Bass Angling Association (NBAA) competition of the year, Adri van Tonder is keeping her hopes up of making the national team one day.

Despite only picking up the sport in January last year, she has advanced well enough to believe her dream of representing the country at a national level remains alive.

The damn levels on the event which took place on 22 February at the Von Bach dam were very low, which made fishing difficult. However, van Tonder stuck through to be the only female to catch a fish and therefore earn her the title. The competition included Namibia’s top lady angler, Sonita Pienaar.

“Fishing is very difficult because of the water levels. I have a boat partner that is a great teacher and has patience getting me on top. I am determined to also get at the top, with time and practice,” said van Tonder.

With the title under her belt, the 40-year old van Tonder is only looking forward to improving, and her eagerness to learn new things will likely spur her on.

“I am an extrovert. I love to be around people and I love the outdoors. I’ve done many sports such as kickboxing, netball, indoor cricket so this is just another challenge. I only picked up angling January last year after I started fishing with one of my friends and got interested. So far I’m loving it. It takes long hours on the boat in the sun but worth it every moment,” she said.

Some of the highlights of her career include winning her first NBAA competition and finishing 4th in the bass classic last year with her partner Richard Grant for Megabass. Her biggest catch to date weighted 2.7Kgs.

Full time, van Tonder is the owner of a pre-owned vehicle dealership (AVT Motors). She said her biggest challenge so far is “Trying to figure out what Bass want?! That’s not easy. The weather, water temperature and which time of the year, including several other factors make a difference on how you do.”

Despite the challenges, van Tonder said she is pleased with the level of female competition in bass angling in Namibia.

Currently she is preparing for the next competition at Oanob on the 14th of March and she is also looking forward to fishing in the RadioWave bass classic later this year.