How many presidents will it take?

The more presidents your country has had the more development people expect your country to have, Namibia is currently waiting on inaugurating its third president in the month that it celebrates its 25th year of independence yet we are still dropping the ball on some pertinent issues. .
The current ball that is being dropped right now, is assuring that Namibia has the teaching resources in the future. These resources are teachers, Namibian teachers. Since about two years ago, the Ministry of Education’s funding body NSFAF has not been giving grants or loans to Namibian students studying education, and these students have had to fund themselves although this was not the case in the past.
This is what happens when you move to kleine Kuppe, your kids start to attend private schools and your family stops using the state health facilities and get on private medical care.  Yes the government is starting to think like this man, who uprooted himself from everything Tura and is now only concerned with the things that go on in his yard.
The issue of funding local teachers is even more pressing because, the ministry is currently advertising posts for SADC teachers to lend a hand to the Namibian education system both in primary and secondary education.
Mind you these are all for state schools, maybe the question that we should ask cabinet are, how many of you have children attending school at Jan Jonker, or Jacob Marengo or Kuisebmond Secondary School and how many of who have kids at Amazing Private School, or St.Paul or the Windhoek International School? And why are your children not in state schools?
 The Polytechnic of Namibia and University of Namibia teaching staff is made up of a great number of foreign teachers from as far as west Africa yet, the government not willing to cough up funds for Namibian teachers is one of those points that brings us to, How many presidents will it take?
How many presidents will it take for the government to recognise that teaching resources are a MUST have in order for us to be self-sufficient in the education sector.
Achieving a high and sustained economic growth will not be done if the government is not willing to avail funds to put its biggest resource (people) through education.
It’s even more distressing that the outgoing Minister of Education does not know the reason behind the retraction of funds for Namibian teachers, although when spoken to by The Villager he said he was aware of the situation.
Once again, how many presidents will it take for us to be able to teach our own nation without the necessary help from beyond the borders? The less Namibians we teach, the more vulnerable we make ourselves by always relying on foreign help. Not providing the funding also takes away jobs from Namibians, because for every unfunded Namibian students, the Namibian government has to look for a foreigner to get the job done.
Even if we are living up to some type of SADC or AU agreement by providing jobs for foreign teachers, the number should not be so significant that we are unable to help ourselves when these foreigners are no longer here.
Epangelo Nali Talepo Nawa Opo Vakwetu!