Fists robber strikes again

Omandonda Bar, in the Oshikuku settlement in Omusati Region, became the third target of a robber who only robs bars with his bare fists recently.
According to a police report, the man suspected to be in his early thirties, used the same trick to enter the bar by pretending to be interested in buying a recharge voucher.
The report alleges that the suspect walked to the counter and began to punch the lone bartender.
After beating the bartender, just like in his first two attacks, he used sellotape to blindfold his victim before helping himself to some cash and airtime.
The stolen cash, according to Omusati Region public relations officer, Warrant Lineekela Shikongo, is reported to be in the amount of N$ 13 982 and recharge vouchers worth N$11 024, as police struggle to apprehend the culprit.   
“He attacked the bar lady after he pretended to buy airtime and beat her with his fists and got away with the stuff. There is currently a massive investigation going on in the area and we are hopefully he will be arrested” said Warrant Shikongo.
His first reported attack was last December when he was said to have entered a bar pretending to buy airtime and attacked two teenagers who were selling with his bare hands.
He got away with N$ 2 643 and an unspecified amount of recharge vouchers. There was a similar robbery at bar last month, where an unspecified amount of money and recharge vouchers were stolen.
Warrant Shikongo confirmed that police in the area are looking at a possible situation of a serial robber, but insisted it was too early for the police to make a conclusion.
“There is a pattern but so far it is difficult to conclude beyond doubt that we are looking at one man. We approached each case on its evidence. A time will come when we are able to conclude that it is indeed one man. This does not mean we are ruling out the possibility which I must admit is quite high at the moment, but we will get there,” said Warrant Shikongo.