Man assaulted for taking nude photos

An Outapi man, accused of taking pictures of a naked woman, faced the fury of his victim and her friend after they caught him in action. Benjamin Shapumba, who snuck up on the woman who was taking a bath was left battered after the women beat him up.
According to Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, the woman was taking a bath at the back of her house when Shapumba was spotted by another person taking photos of her with his cell phone.
“It is understood that she was taking a shower when the man, known in the neighbourhood, secretly began to take nude photos of her with his cell phone while she was bathing behind her house,” said Commissioner Kanyetu.
He said Shapumba was confronted by another woman, which lead to a nasty fight in which he was left with a wound on the face.  
“After being caught capturing the images of nudity, the two women smashed his cell phone and that is when a fight broke out. The two women beat him and injured him on the face, the report on the matter suggested,” said Kanyetu.
Shapumba denied taking nude photos, “I was taking photos of something else. They just saw me near hear house and then assumed that I was taking her naked photos. They did not even find any naked pictures on my phone, but smashed my phone into pieces. When I asked why, they overpowered me because I was out numbered.”
He said when he had fallen to the ground, the two women continued to assault him and was not sure what was used to cut him on the face.
“I didn’t see what they use to hit me but all I saw was a lot of blood coming from my face. I was bleeding pretty bad and was rushed to the hospital by my brother,” he said.
Shapumba, who said was stitched on the side of the face opened an assaults case CR 24/02/2015, against the women, but said he will drop the charges if the suspects buy him another cell phone. The women, whose names are known by the police, were not arrested at the time of going to press.