Of Hage and the CVs

Incoming President Dr Hage Geingob’s office last week revealed that they had asked for all parliamentarians on a Swapo ticket to parliament to avail their curriculum vitae (CVs).
The deceleration was seen by some quarters of society as a way to go if efficiency is going to be the hallmark of the incoming government while others took the initiative with a pinch of salt.
What is more interesting though is that all Namibians took whatever stunts they think about that development informed by their own minds and whatever judgments has been passed on it is better known to the individuals themselves.
While generally it is an acceptable norm that politicians are probably the last people one would expect to have compact CVs other than their ability to sway public opinion with either reality or lies, Dr Geingob stand on CVs being submitted could be the way forward.
Who knows perhaps the CVs will be used to select relevant people for relevant ministries unlike taking chances with any politician landing in cabinet when they least expect anything about the portfolio they need to have.
There is also that need for Namibia and African countries to chose leaders based on their oratory skills while their practical ability is nothing to write home about. At some point it will be important for Namibia to have a cabinet of technocrats and a few politicians making up the numbers that would certainly do a lot of good to drive development.
One also hopes that those few names that had not submitted their CVs will do the honourable thing and provide them. Even though some of the CVs are based on war credentials, why not that is what is in the CV so it deserves to be known. Besides there is no need to have a CV that is less than two pages in an independent Namibia where tertiary education is supported that much by Government and primary school is for free and secondary school education is moving towards the same benchmarks.
Spreading the demands down
It is also imperative that now that a good number of Permanent Secretaries are moving towards their retirement age within this year and next the incoming regime need to also ask those who will appointed as PSs to submit their CVs.
It is even more important to have the accounting officers carrying the relevant qualifications for whatever portfolio they are given if the country is going to avoid obvious situations where work is left on the files for months with nothing being done.
Imagine having a technical ministry like Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mines and Energy, Fishing or even finance being led by an accounting officer whose key skill is oration.
What a challenge that would be in driving the Vision 2030 dream.
It should also not only end on the Permanent Secretaries but also on the Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Directors and Deputy Directors because it certainly takes a knowledgeable government to drive a knowledge based economy unless that notion is all about words and nothing else.
Education and success inseparable
There is also that notion that education and success are good bed fellows and this can definitely be the formula to the Dr Geingob regime if they are to achieve their set target of making Namibia a pinnacle of prosperity in the continent.
While for obvious reasons many politicians will develop unfriendly emotions whenever their education and intellectual capacity is put to test one should understand that the world today revolves around technicalities and those technically are found in a lecture room.
It is only once in a million years where you can get a thriving government that is led by hard core politicians without technocrats.
It is also imperative to mention that if Dr Geingob pins his core of his administration on skills and a bit of politics success could as well be inevitable but if he gets into the usual African mood where politics takes over the reality on the ground then we might as well get ready for doomsday.
It is important to have an administration that has a balance between brains and bickering as this will create checks and balances. Already there is been the belief that while most ministers are loud on anything the reality is that whatever they say in public might not tally with what the accounting officer is going through.
A knowledge based Government could close all these loopholes as it will see issues from a realistic point of view unlike doing things based on populist votes and notions like the average politician would. That is the reason why any politician will read a five thousand word speech and still call it a few words because their art by nature is convincing and populism. However that is not the notion driven by a technocrat who knows the importance of results and benchmarks.