Namibia Statistics Agency releases sectoral reports

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) has released its latest sectoral reports for the month of December 2014. The reports cover beverages, building plans, electricity, livestock, mining, tourism and transport sector performance last year.

With regard to beverages, the composite index for December 2014 stood at 174.2 basis points and this represents an increase of 11.2 basis points, reflecting an increase of 6.8% on a month on month basis. However this figure declined by 19.5 basis points which represent a decline of 10.0% year on year.

The electricity sales composite index (ESCI), consists of domestic and export sales of electricity. As at December 2014 the index declined by 6.4 basis points with an index of 115 basis points. However, year on year the index went up by 5.6%. With regard to the livestock sector in volume terms, the number of livestock marketed stood at 97,021, representing an increase of 47.0% month on month and a decline of 12.4 % on a year on year basis.

The mining sector proved to be a bad performer with the composite mining index recording the worst decline in the month of December 2014. The overall mining production index for December 2014 stood at 71.8 points representing a decline of 13.5 points month on month and a decline of 14.5% year on year.

“This is the lowest index recorded since 2012,” the NSA said. The composite transport index consists of rail cargo, road cargo and sea cargo. The total transport index slowed down in December 2014 which stood at 67.6 basis points, declining by 15.3% month on month and increasing by 22% year on year.