NEEEP to empower Previously Disadvantaged Namibians

The new Nampower Equitable Economic Empowerment Policy (NEEEEP) seeks to empower Previously Disadvantaged Namibians (PDNs) by ratifying a number of policy measures, an official with the state utility has said.

Speaking at an Information Sharing Seminar on NEEEP, Nampower Managing Director Paulinus Shilamba said the new policy replaces the NamPower BEE policy of 2004. He told stakeholders that in Nampower’s quest to ensure equitable distribution of resources in the country in the most efficient and transparent manner possible, Nampower embarked on a sustained economic empowerment campaign by introducing new policy.

“The policy sets out criteria for giving Previously Disadvantaged Namibians greater access and participation in Nampower’s procurement activities in an effort to create business opportunities for the majority of hitherto marginalised Namibians,” he said.

Shilamba said that in order to give credence to its drive for an equitable economic empowerment framework, Nampower may consider to relax the normal financial and commercial evaluation requirements when a new business is being developed or when the PDN company resident in the area where the services are required is competing with companies from elsewhere.

“The tender bond or security shall be waivered for tenders below N$10 million if it can be demonstrated that its absence does not result in any incremental financial or operational risk to Nampower,” he said. Nampower established a sliding preference point scale for awarding tenders. The specific preference point scale applied to a tender is determined by the value of that specific tender. The tender price will however Shilamba said, always be an important determining factor for selecting tenderers.

“To ensure that Nampower continues to get the best value for its money, low priced tenders for goods and services are to be awarded more points while high priced tenders are to score lower points,” he said. Suppliers tendering for Nampower tenders are to be rated for NEEEP compliance based on the scorecard. “Only suppliers with an overall minimum score of 50% are to be considered as NEEEP compliant and shall be classified and registered as such on the Nampower vendor master data,” he said.