Man killed over N$ 25

A  resident of DRC Location in Mondesa area of Swakopmund, identified as 24 year-old Hesekiel Shanyengange, paid with his life during an argument over winnings of N$ 25 from a gambling machine.
According to Chief Inspector Erastus Ikuyu, the deceased was allegedly stabbed by murder-suspect and fellow gambler, Simon David Shapumba, on the left side of the chest and died on the spot at a shabeen known as Peace Garden.

“They were gambling at the same slot and casted their bets about the same time.  An argument broke out as the two men claimed ownership to the N$ 25 prize from the machine. One of them was in luck and there was confusion with the numbers,” said Inspector Ikuyu.
Though the police could not determine who had rightfully won the money, a separate police report forwarded to Public Relations in Windhoek from the region, claimed the deceased was the rightful winner of the N$25.
“It is alleged that an argument broke out between the deceased and the suspect after the victim won N$ 25.00 from the gambling machine which the suspect allegedly claimed to have been won by him,” the report read.  
Chief Inspector Ikuyu said the two men were acquainted with one another as they were both residents of DRC Location.  
After Shanyengange had been pronounced dead on the spot, Chief Inspector Ikuyu said the Shapumba immediately tried to flee from Swakopmund.
“We suspect that he was trying to flee to Windhoek because he was arrested between Karibib and Okahandja. The destination where he was headed is just mere speculation, but what was good is the fact that he was arrested in the matter of hours,” said Inspector Ikuyu.
Shapumba was denied bail when he appeared in the Swakopmund magistrate court and the case was remanded to the 30th of March this year.