Webster Snewe and partners to launch Child Funeral Cover

MC Webster Snewe and partners are in the process of launching Children Funeral Cover initiative. This was announced at the funeral of Eizabeth Guin, a young 13 year old girl who was raped and killed. The family of the young girl was unable to bury her due to lack of funds.

At the event which took place on the 17 January, Snewe said, “What struck me most was the fact that violence against innocent women and children continues unabated. Something must happen. Something must be done NOW to stop the killings targeting our unsuspecting learner population.”

He said that the sudden death of Elizabeth Guim, who had a bright future ahead of her, had awoken a dream that he always had, to protect and care for the children when they become victims of circumstances such as these.

Snewe specified that that funeral cover will only cater to children in Namibian Schools.

“You need to be associated with a learning institution or a school to benefit from this funeral cover, in so doing I wish to encourage our young to remain in school in order to benefit from this initiative.”, he encouraged.

He concluded by saying, “Our commitment should be that, whenever it is possible, feasible and practical, We should give our children and learners a dignified burial. Let us reject the continued violence against our innocent women and children. Let us reject the vices of criminality in our country.”