Like father, like son

Veiko sat in the living room waiting for an important text. He fidgeted with his cell phone and then, deciding the text was not going to come any quicker if he willed it to, pocketed it and then crossed his fingers behind his head. When was the text coming? His mother was finishing up her workout in her storeroom-turned-fitness room and he wanted to be out of the house before she was done. He knew exactly what she would go on about once she did and he didn’t want to stick around for that. He walked to the fridge, opened a bottle of juice and began to gulp it down. Of course, if his mother walked in on him right now, she would be going on about a completely different matter. He felt a vibration in his pocket and almost choked on the juice.
Wiping away liquid from his lips and nose, he flipped his phone open to find it was not a text, but a call he was receiving. He knew the number, although he had not saved it. He tried hard to forget it, but he could not. Leonard was calling. Leonard the fool. The more traditional title for the man, however unwilling he was to acknowledge it was, his father. He looked at the phone bitterly, waiting for the man to end the call, and then pocketed his phone again when he did.
     After about a minute, his phone began to vibrate again. Irritated, he reached into his phone, prepared to tell his father off and then saw it was not a call but the text he had been waiting for all along. It simply read: “OK. They’re all gone. Come over.” Veiko grabbed his mother’s car keys from the glass bowl next to the dining table—this was another reason his mother would give him an earful if she found out, and she would later—and tiptoed out of the house.
     As he drove down the street, the thought of his father crept into his mind more times than he would have liked. After years of abandonment the man just wanted to waltz back into his life like he was entitled to it. He could forget about it. He tried to forget about Leonard, but the man continued to lurk in the back of his mind. No, he would try and keep his mind on Nadine. Also, thinking about his father would probably get weird, considering what he was headed to do.
     He found Nadine waiting for him. She was beautiful, had long hair that flowed down her back (for which he had mostly helped fund), and a busty chest that made most guys down the street stare. At the sight of her, he wondered why they were not dating, and then she spoke and his uncertainties were answered.
     “Hey bae,” she said as she opened the door for him. “I was like, when are these people going to—like—leave, and I was just waiting and waiting and waiting, but oh my God, finally.” She had an almost raspy voice and the way her lips drew back as she tried to sound and look like a cartoon as she spoke reminded Veiko of a horse.
     Veiko only smiled. He knew this was not the girl he could take to flaunt in front of his friends. This was the kind of girl he had fun with and never settled down with. She probably knew that already, surely. A part of him condemned him for his thoughts. He had a little sister and he would probably kill the man who tried to do to her what he was planning to do with Nadine. But then he looked down at her chest and all the blood flowed to the appendage above his knees and below his belly, and with it seemed all the duties of his cerebral cortex. He began to tenderly caress her, and although she began to act shy at first, she knew why he came over. She soon gave into him. Soon they were smooching all the way towards her room. When she dropped her shirt and stared at her breasts, it was like looking into the eyes of God. He was glad his brain had not gone completely dormant. He remembered the condom in the back of his pocket. He showed it to her, smiled and moved even closer to Nadine.
     Veiko was at the peak of the highest surge of bliss he had felt in almost a month when felt a punch to the chest.
     “Get off, stop,” squeaked Nadine. “Get off! It’s all over me you idiot. It spilled.”
     Veiko needed several seconds to come back to earth, but then the gravity of her words hit him.