Clarity on Individual Veterans Projects

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs has clarified the procedures for obtaining Individual Veterans Projects, saying veterans are required to apply using a VA8 form which should be accompanied by a business plan.

MICT’s Permanent Secretary Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, shed light on the procedures to be followed, the purchase order system and matters pertaining to eligibility and the monitoring and evaluation of the Individual Veterans Projects.

“Veterans are required to apply by filling a VA8 form which is to be accompanied by a business plan, quotations and other relevant information.Eligibility for the grants is limited to all and any registered veteran for any project for a maximum of up to N$200 000. The approval depends on the number of applications received and the availability of funds,” he said.

“In a bid to better the living conditions and wellbeing of Namibians, who suffered at the hands of the colonial apartheid regime, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs introduced Individual Veterans Projects; providing veterans with grants of up to N$200 000 for them to come up with income generating projects,” he further elaborated.

With regard to the purchase order system Ua-Ndjarakana stated that the Ministry is in the process of implementing a Purchase Order Computerized System and will only be able to determine the average time it takes to process a purchase order once the system is implemented. The monitoring and evaluation of Individual Veterans Projects will be carried out by Ministry of Veterans Affairs Regional staff from the various Regional Offices. Other problems related to suppliers are to be reported to the Head Office.