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Swapo, Geingob sweeps to victory  As Opposition endorse defeat

Tue, 2 December 2014 03:36
by Charmaine Ngatjiheue
News Flash

DTA President McHenry Venaani has endorsed the results of the national and Presidential elections announced a few minutes ago and also congratulated President Elect Dr Hage Geingob.
“I stand here as the member of the official opposition and I am happy to have revived our party. I stand before you President elect Dr Hage Geingob that I will keep you on your toes and I know what we are supposed to do as an opposition. I want to invite you for a picture and congratulate you on a good race we ran country wide canvassing for votes,” Venaani said.
He added that, “Democracy remains incomplete without the electoral process. It is a sight of winners and losers. Leadership must stand firm, One Namibia one nation. Viva the Republic of Namibia.”
He was also equally welcomed by the President Elect Dr Geingob who said the election was done in a truthful and transparent manner and urged the country to now work on moving forward for the betterment of all Namibians.
“My time will come very soon, I would like to thank you and the nation, the press and also my opponents for peaceful campaigning and respecting one another. Therefore I say I’ll count on you. I’ll be President for all Namibian people,” said the President Elect, Geingob.
Dr Geingob garnered over 700 000 votes out of the 890 738 number of people who voted in the Presidential candidates while Mchenry Venaani came second and is the official opposition party in the National Assembly with a total of 44 271 and Hidipo Hamutenya in third place received a total of 13 197 votes.
Henry Mudge came fourth with 8 676 votes and followed by him was Ignatius Shixwameni with 7 266, Usutuaije Maamberua only had 5028 votes, while Ben Ulenga received a total of 3518 votes, however Jan Mukwilongo came last in the Presidential race with 2514 votes.
The Official Opposition Party Elect, Mchenry Venaani went on to say that Geingob and himself should work together in order to build the nation adding that he will keep the Government on its toes whilst advising the Government where he can.
With a total of roughly 1.2 million people who registered to vote in this year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections, only a total of 893 643 people actually voted, with a 70% turnout of voters abroad.
Outgoing President Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba also commended the electoral process and congratulated Dr Geingob and also gave support to the losing candidates saying, “ Maybe withing a few days or weeks I will give to you. However I am also encouraged to see that democracy is alive.”
National Assembly seat allocation
RP 1
Swanu 1