GIPF transitions

The government institutions pension fund (GIPF) unveiled its new corporate logo and brand today in a move to revamp and rebranding its corporate identity and operations.

In the media conference held at the GIPF premises, Chief Executive Officer David Nuyoma the process started with launching a new corporate identity starting with the replacing of its old logo which has been the hallmark of its operations since inception.

He said, " The Fund's evolution in character and embarking on this new corporate identify is a process that began over a year ago founded on the notion that the Fund has transformed from the initial concept of a family benefit scheme to a player in the national economy. An evaluation, Nuyoma said, was carried out before the undertaking.

"We have carried out a scientific evaluation of our existing brand to establish stakeholders' collective perceptions regarding the fund's mandate. The result were interesting and on that basis we acted on these scientific recommendations to rebrand the institution.

" He said due to the evolution in character, the rebranding of the institution has become overdue and irresistible. "The board of Trustees realized that there was great mismatch between the existing brand and strategic position of the institution. So the institution has gone through many transformations in terms of strategic direction, leadership, product offering and market positioning. Apart from the visual elements, the brand the revamping include an internal culture change program geared to align the brand promise of the organisation. He said the revamped corporate brand will build a sense of corporate confidence and pride, and will influence positive thinking among the Fund's stakeholders.