I was a tomboy ÔÇöTashia Kalondo

As the youngest sister of older successful sisters, Tashia Kalondo, sat down with The Villager to talk about she always feels the pressure to succeed how being a radio personality gives her the opportunity to discuss issues close to her heart.
Coming from a small town like Orangemund, how did you find outside like?
I was born and raised there. Growing up there is completely different to anything else. We were completely protected from the rest of the world. It almost felt like a utopia, a close knit community. We were spoiled, and it almost had a negative effect on me because when I went to study in South Africa, I realised the world doesn’t work like that.
How did you get started in radio?
I’ve always wanted to be on radio. I grew up listening to radio, but of course who hasn’t? I first applied at 99fm when I saw a vacancy, and I got the job. I guess I was doing it well enough. Radio Wave were looking for a new DJ and I got called in for an interview.
What do you enjoy most about radio, the music or topics you get to discuss?
I love music. The type of show I do is entertainment but I also enjoy deep and local content. Like earlier in the week I was talking about the struggle kids resurfacing and how they threatened to hold the elections hostage. It’s a touchy subject, especially after one of them recently died. You have to do it with tact, but I am someone who always talks about what I want.
What is the most off-putting thing a guy has ever done to impress you?
I don’t know if I can recall a specific one, but when a guy shows off material things thinking it will impress me, that is very gross. Boastful guys showing off their cars and so forth. If you have nice things it’s a bonus but that’s not the reason to what to be with someone.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from past relationships?
To be 100% true to yourself. If you’re having a bad day, don’t hold back and pretend. Of course relationships are all about compromise but you have to come first.
Describe a nightmare date?
It’s not about where you go. I adapt anywhere, whether it’s kapana or KFC. I guess a nightmare date is one where we end up arguing there.
What are you currently reading?
Digital Marketing which is an E-Marketing text book. That’s what’s taking up all my reading time.
How did it feel growing up when all your older siblings were women?
I didn’t grow up with them. They were all grown and off to varsity, so it was awesome because I was so much younger. My niece, who is the same age as me stayed with us but I was a tomb boy while she was a girlie girl so we stayed out of each other’s way.
With Ebba, Ebben and Monica being so successful, did you ever feel the pressure to match them?
You always want to be the best you can be. I always knew we were destined for great things. The pressure is still there, it never goes away. I’m 30 now and I look back and think, what did my sisters have when they were 30?  But then they also worked harder than I did so it’s only fair.
Speaking of the social issues, do you think the housing issue is ever going to get fixed?
The land issue in Windhoek can be fixed with sufficient political will. I’m not an expert so I’m not going to offer solutions but I am hopeful. It won’t happen overnight, but I’ve got faith. I also know that government is trying to work out solutions behind the scenes. I take comfort in that. It’s serious to them as well.
Who’s your favourite local artist?
Mazanga, PDK and Gazza, who was the first local musician I started listening to and have become friends with. Namibian music’s strength is in our diversity.
Do you have any phobias?
I fear nothing. [laughs] Right now I might be scared of sky diving but I will do it because I fear nothing.
The year is almost over, what would you say is the most significant thing you’ve achieved in 2014?
I’ve been a jack of all trades before. I’m not settling down into one trade. I’ve trained at a digital marketing agency in South Africa. The hardest thing was realising that I hold the power, I just need to do, and this year I did. I’m a mother, working two jobs and studying, I consider that a great achievement.
What are you looking forward to in 2015?
The new president [laughs]. I just know it’s going to be an exciting year, but I can’t pinpoint why. My son starts Grade one next year!