Robbers hit 700k jackpot

Robberies dominated crime reports  in the last week, with N$700 000 stolen  from a Southern Cross vehicle in the beginning of the week.
According to the latest police reports, the driver disappeared with the money and is still on the run.
The driver was accompanied by two accomplices to pick money up from Woermann Brock in Katutura.
The vehicle was later discovered abandoned, with the money and driver, whose identity is known to the police, both missing.
In Windhoek, a group of Chinese nationals residing at the construction site where they work in Kleine Kuppe were robbed of N$100 300, 6 laptops, 5 cell phones and a shaving machine when four armed suspects allegedly held them at gun-point and made away with their possessions, which have still not been recovered.
The suspects are still at large and police investigations into the matter continue.
An Omusati businessman suffered a similar fate when three unarmed suspects stormed into his bedroom, beat him, tied him up with a rope and stole N$40 000 in cash, a cell phone and solar converter machine before fleeing the scene.
Two of the three suspects were identified as Obandja Ineumbo’s 17 and 22 year old nephews, who will appear at Okahao Magistrates Court today after being found with N$1950 of the stolen funds.
The third suspect, known to the police, is still at large.
A rape case was opened last Thursday in the Kunene region against a 32-year old teacher for an 11th August crime after the 12-year old victim was taken to hospital by her mother for unusual bleeding where she confessed.
It is alleged that the teacher had asked her to help clean his house after school, where he engaged in sexual intercourse with the minor, before proceeding to give her N$10 and four slices of bread in exchange for her silence.
The docket has been handed over to the Prosecutor General and his decision on the case is yet to be made.
Another rape case was reported in Swakopmund when a female was assaulted by one of the friends she’d gone clubbing with.
After coming from the night club with two other females and the suspect, the victim insisted on going home instead of staying over with the two girls as they had  suggested.
It was at this point that the suspect offered to walk her home, and while they were on the way, forced himself onto her and had sexual intercourse with her.
The victim is 18 years old and the suspect is still at large.
In Keetmanshoop, a 22-year old female is in custody after stabbing her boyfriend to death with an unidentified sharp object on Friday.
The suspect, who lived with the deceased, Carlos Dirkse, is alleged to have killed her boyfriend as retaliation for him slapping her on her right arm with a piece of dry wood during a drinking spree.
The victim’s next of kin has already been informed and the unnamed woman is set to appear at the Keetmanshoop Magistrate court today.
A Salambala Conservancy ranger was luckier when he survived a murder attempt from a poacher who’d been caught illegally hunting a zebra.
The poacher fled the scene after shooting 45-year old Boniface Simasiku and is known to the police but has still not been apprehended.
Two men died at their own hands this past weekend in the Ohangwena region and Kabbe Constituency.
Abraham Josef, a 45-year old Oshilao Village resident hung himself on Friday morning, though the reason for him taking his life is still unknown.
A 40-year old man died in his bed when his home caught on fire, where he is said to have accidentally left a candle burning.
The Musanga Village resident’s family is yet to be informed as he is a Zambian national and they need to be tracked, and police investigations continue.
In the same region, 26-year old Shipo Ndatipo, a resident of Ongobeyaola Village had charges of culpable homicide, reckless and/or negligent driving and driving without a license opened against him after being after the car he was driving lost control and overturned.
The vehicle had seven passangers, of which two died while the rest of the occupants sustained serious injuries and are admitted at the Oshakati State Hospital, police investigations continue.