Manager assaults producer


the manager of a popular Oviritje group, Ondarata, Elifas Kahorere decided to put a producer to the sword. The owner of Blue Moon studio, Asia, who is a well known producer in the Oviritje circles, was involved in an altercation with the manager due to his slow work ethics and unprofessionalism. According to an artist from a rival group named The Wire, Elifas lost his temper and started spraying the producer with punches.
“Elifas is a good manager but he has quite a temper. After arguing with the guy, he just started assaulting him,” said the artist. The argument stemmed from a studio booking that did not materialise as the producer left town without notifying the clients. Elifas, who admitted to assaulting the producer, claimed that the producer is very unorganised. “They guy just chose to bounce; he went with all the studio equipment and worse still, he didn’t tell us that he would not be around. He’s full of delays and delays cost money, so I slapped him as that was not the first time he was doing that,” said Elifas.