Is insecurity eating the BOSS?

sure fact is, Gazza must now understand the true meaning of the idiom, “When it rains, it pours”.
The past couple of months have seen some rainy days for Mr. Seelima.
It all started when his loyal dancers-turned-kwaito stars, Streetkidz, left the GMP record label citing unfair treatment. Then the media hailed at him for not living up to his promise in bringing American R&B singer, Chris Brown to perform in Namibia.
 Then his rival, The Dogg accused him of sabotaging one of his events in Windhoek, by ‘spreading rumours’ to whomever cared to listen in Mzanzi and that he allegedly persuaded Khanyi Mbau to bail on The Dogg.
But the most recent rumour is, ‘Gazza is the cause of the break-up of a happy marriage’. A local weekly reported that an affair between Gazza and Lovey, also a Namibian musician and wife of producer, Elvo, is the cause of the couple’s break-up. To make matters worse, the story sparked a controversial trending topic on the social network, Twitter.
The Namibian fans and haters on Twitter hurled all sorts of insults at the ‘Shukusha’ star, accusing him of being a wife-beater and a home-wrecker, these were just but some of the ‘nicer’ things said.   
Last week, at his media launch of his seventh studio album BOSS, Gazza addressed some of these issues and told the media that people in the entertainment industry are just jealous of his success, and are thus trying to sabotage his music career.
He further said that his life has been threatened on several occasions, making him fear for the safety of his family, citing the smashing of his car windows. He also claimed that people have approached him and warned him to watch his back. He urged the media to start reporting facts rather than fabricated stories, which can damage the credibility of any artist.
Gazza admitted that it has been a rough year for him and for this reason, after the release and launch of his new album; he is going to take some time off, to spend time with his family, which recently had an addition.
But there was no mention of the healing with Mshasho, GMP’s seemingly eternal arch-enemy.
He also plans to go back to the drawing board after the holidays to do some damage control in an effort to restore confidence to his GMP brand.
The kwaito star noted that it has been two years since the launch of his last album and said he had over 30 songs to choose from in the album. The launch of the BOSS album will take place this coming Saturday at the Independence Arena in Katutura. Artists featured on the album include Exit, Lil’D and Mzanzi’s kwaito star, L’vovo.