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No to quota system

Mon, 13 October 2014 04:23
by Timoteus Shihepo

The newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Namibia, Dr. Donavan Zealand sent shockwaves around the sports community for dooming the idea of implementing a racial quota system, in the selection of national team players.
The quota system is a good idea until you hear that people must be integrated in the national set-up not because they are good but because of their skin colour. Let’s look at other reasons why Namibia should never introduce a quota system.
It only benefits black people
Yes, anything that benefits the previously disadvantaged is welcome but if that decision will hurt the performance of the national team, then that decision has to be revised. If introduced, not only will the national team’s performances suffer, but the dreams and careers of other Namibians from other ethnicities will also be destroyed by whoever wants to introduce the system.
This system only benefits black people. If not, how else can one explain that the quota system does not advocate for the inclusion of whites in the Brave Warriors squad.
Welwitschias will never qualify for the World cup
Suppose the system is introduced and then the national rugby team selectors are forced to include black players in the squad merely due to their skin colour; How much talent will the team lose to accommodate these players? Some of whom are mediocre players that don’t have the passion for the sport. If black players get included in the Welwitschias’ squad due to their skin colour rather than their performances, the team will never qualify for the IRB World Cup. If you don’t believe me, extend your eyes to our neighbours, Zimbabwe.
Both parties will be affected
A racial quota system disadvantages all talented players of all races. White players are disadvantaged because they are excluded from participation based on their race and the validity of the inclusion of black players in teams is by default suspect.
It won’t make any difference to Brave Warriors
The Brave Warriors have reached rock bottom and not even the inclusion of white players will save their sinking ship if they don’t change the leadership of the Namibia Football Association (NFA). The Brave Warriors’ troubles are more than just of race.
The mood in the camp will be disturbed
Suppose the players are in a camp and one makes a mistake or they argue on something; just imagine the tongue-lashing that will come from these players. “You are only selected in this team because you are ‘black’ or ‘white’ ” is likely to be said in every argument.