Father makes children jump from rooftop

Peter Visagie has been in custody since 2007 for a charge of repeatedly raping his step-daughter in his own home.
His wife was shocked to discover that her husband had been raping and molesting her 12-year old daughter but he would always bathe her to hide the evidence.
Visagie was not arrested till 2009 when the little girl told her mother about the things that had been going on whenever she was at work. Visagie and his wife have two other children together. According to the complainant, the abuse took place when the girl was between the ages of 12 and 13.
He applied for bail but was denied after his wife begged the court not to let him free as he has threatened her life and she fears for her children`s lives too.
Visagie allegedly has a violent history as he allegedly assaulted his wife countless times before but she was always unable to prove the abuse in court.
Before his arrest, his neighbours had to call the Women and Child Protection Services after he had his son and step-daughter jump from the roof of the house as punishment for letting the youngest sibling fall off the bed; he told the court that it was to teach them a lesson.
When he appeared in court last week, he told the court that his medical condition is not good and requested to be released. His case has been remanded to the 31 of January next year.