Schlettwein encourages farmers to join all sectors of agriculture

Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) Calle Schlettwein has encouraged farmers in Namibia to play a greater role in the production process of farmed production.

“Agricultural producers must for their own good become part of a greater part of the product value chain than just the first step of producing raw material.” He said Schlettwein made these remarks at Namibia's 2014 Agricultural Outlook Conference earlier today, calling for greater involvement by farmers in processing companies, not only because they are well positioned to take such an opportunity but also for their own survival.

Namibia’s agricultural sector, which is one of priority according to The Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4), is characterised by its dichotomy into the commercial and communal sectors of approximately 6000 privately owned farms of varying sizes and communally owned land.

“The Ministry is now developing Namibia’s Industrial Policy and Implementation Strategic Framework.” The minister said, “Which will provide more details on the strategies, programmes, action plans, targets and projects whose implementation will be pursued over the medium term.

”This also ties into the ‘Growth at Home Strategy’ of the MTI which emphasis on reinforcing the importance of accelerating economic growth, reduce income inequality and create employment. This year’s conference was held under the theme The Contribution of Industrialisation & Technology to Agricultural Development.