Overcoming The Doubt and Fear Trap

Entrepreneurship is about so many things. There are many thoughts about what makes a good entrepreneur. There are so many thoughts about what an entrepreneur needs to accomplish first.
The first thing an entrepreneur must do is conquer that little voice of doubt and fear that traps his/her mind. The little voice is the magnifier of all the obstacles in your way. It screams how hard it will be and it shouts the battle cries of all who would see you fail. Until that doubt is defeated, you are nothing more than a dreamer.
This week I am reflecting on entrepreneurs who kept on pushing even when the odds were against them. Successful entrepreneurs has had to push down that little voice of doubt in order to find their true potential. As an entrepreneur on has overcome the doubt that your standard of living would decline. One has to overcome the voice that said you did not speak English or Oshiwambo well enough to be an entrepreneur. Most overcame the voice that told them to give up when they had problems with their suppliers.
You should not give up at all.  A determined entrepreneur put that sinister voice down and created a company that will generate income. An entrepreneur will find a team that could teach them how to sell their product through different sales channels like internet and through press like the Villager  you dedicate your time and energy into growing your business and followed the education of your team of teachers.
Controlling your focus is entrepreneurship’s number one lesson. Do not focus on that pesky voice, instead focus on your business, your team and what you CAN accomplish. Often we heard that 95% of the population fails because they do not make their business a true focus of their life.
Lots of people dream of independence and financial freedom, but when it gets to the work of getting educated, getting skills, moving forward, failing, and starting over again, then the majority of people step back because they are scared. They focused on what could go wrong and do not focus on how to make things go right.
I know it’s scary to leave your comfort zone and it takes time and energy. You have to focus on how badly you want to change your life and situation. Otherwise, you’ll just be a dreamer and nothing will ever happen. Clearly people who really want it put effort into it.
Focus your life to be successful and the dream will come to place bit by bit. Achieving success will give you great and highest satisfaction. This difference of mindset is what has made most entrepreneurs so successful. Focus on your business, not your fears.
Can it really be that simple? With the right team and the right teachers, it can.