Just fire the NPC

It is becoming more and more worrisome, if not upsetting, that the Namibian athletes might not participate at the 2016 Paralympics games in Brazil because no one wants to be held accountable for the failed Namibia Paralympics Committee’s (NPC) annual general meeting – since 2008.
It’s even worse when the country’s body, which is tasked with helping teams and players compete at the Olympics has completely failed to provide financial reports to the regions in the past six years although the law binds them to do so.
And how is it possible that the committee, which consist of NPC President Hendrik Van der Westhuizen, Secretary-General Penandino Kandjii, and Nicky Namono as Treasurer, are still smiling all the way to the bank, if they are allowing such shenanigans to happen?
How is it possible that whoever is responsible for appointing this committee allow them to occupy these positions after the Executive Committee previously received a vote of no confidence from the regional offices. Among the grievances raised by the regions is their failure to hold elections, explain the delay of the elections, ignoring the regions’ needs and the inability to issue forth the financial report.

It is even more pathetic that the President, Van der Westhuizen has no clue when the AGM will be held despite the term of the current executives having lapsed. As if that’s not enough Van der Westhuizen even had the guts to say that, “I will stand for re-election though.” Re-election…yes you had that right! For what? Why must he run for election if he can’t solve the current troubles?
But it’s not just the Committee which needs to be taken to dogs, or atleast not without the Namibia Sport Commission’s Chairperson (NSC), Vivian Katjiuongua who despite being tasked with chairing the AGM is not also able to explain what happened as she was struggling to come up with answers when conducted by The Villager.
“It was a problematic issue. The NSCC has requested Disability Sport Namibia to submit a report to the commission in which they suggest a solution to the issue. I am currently attending a workshop right now because some of us are appointed on a part-time basis,” said Katjiuongua. That comment did not speak about the AGM or did it?
If the dogs are not full after feeding off Katjiuongua then we must throw in the secretary-general at NPC, Penandino Kandjii if words from former President of Namibia Paralympics Committee (NPC), Simon Ndateva – whose term ended prematurely in 2008 or rather in 2010 because of Kandjii’s bad influence – are anything to go by.
“Kandjii influenced my other colleagues to turn against me on whatever decision I proposed in meetings. After it occurred to me that I had little support, I decided to quit before the end of my term. The current leaders are illegally in power because their term ended in 2012,” said Ndaveta.
Concurring with Ndaveta that Kandjii needs to be taken to dogs is former vice-president of NPC, Kazana Linus who also said Kandjii is arrogant and selfish, along with her colleague, Nicky Namono, treasurer of the NPC.
The Namibia Sport Commission needs to intervene and fire the current NPC leaders. In fact they don’t need to be fired, they just need to leave the office because their term ended in 2012. Should the Commission fail to do their job, then the Ministry of Sport needs to intervene.  Just fire them!!!