Theft rampant at Sam Nujoma Stadium


For how long are the football lovers who religiously rally behind their respective teams going to be on the receiving end whenever a match is played at the famous Sam Nujoma Stadium?
For years, I have witnessed and heard about small gangs of juveniles breaking into people’s cars, grabbing bags and being totally disrespectful towards the struggling ‘Memes’ selling kapana outside the stadiums. However, such behaviour is not only notorious at Sam Nujoma but also at other stadiums.
I personally think the national football leadership should be taken to task, especially the Namibia Premier League (NPL) for not ensuring that maximum security personnel including these lay-back police officers stationed at the stadiums.
Why then do they call it the ‘million dollar’ league if security seems to be of no substance to people’s vehicles or is it because their cars (football bosses) are parked at the so-called ‘VIP parking lots’ and under the watchful eye of the red-eyed security watch dogs?
I do not think that the NPL wishes to milk the sky-blue cow (MTC) for more funds to secure proper and well trained security personnel. Very rare do we see uniformed officers at the stadiums.
Whenever the Brave Warriors engage in an international friendly or a Fifa sanctioned match, security is always so beefed-up in and around the stadium but football authorities cannot exercise the same logic during domestic football matches.
Is there a law, rule or regulation that addresses the safety of spectators at the stadiums?
If anything were to happen because of lack of security, Barry and Tovey would instead point fingers at the clubs as the responsible entities for ensuring security at the field yet these very clubs are under-funded and simply rely on the mercy of the MTC for their administration and operational purposes.
Let’s simply call a spade, a spade because I personally want to take my four-year-old daughter to a football match but cannot, because of these hooligans and non-security personnel at the stadium.
You, the football leaders of Namibian football should reprioritise our security and safety in and outside the playing field.
I pity the Memes who, in all honesty, brave the hot and chilly weather in the hope to equate the day’s end demands but instead, the self-proclaimed strong men of Katutura grab the already-tenderising-barbecued meat and cold beer meant for spectators.
With the Brave Warriors’ progress into the 2014 Fifa World Cup qualifiers and us hosting teams and organising international friendly matches to sharpen the boys, one wonders for how long the NPL and the NFA are going to do to make sure that unruly behaviour by these chucks are dealt with and do not dent the image of the beautiful game loved by so many, especially from the economically underprivileged communities.
I witnessed the hardwork and discipline displayed by the Humpfries Security Company when the owner was still alive. Now you barely see a handful of security guards who are normally overpowered by these football thugs whose agenda is to steal, break and possibly rape the young girls and women after the matches.
I am sure a number of rape activities or forceful sexual activities have gone by unnoticed and unreported and these are because of the poor security measures put in place by these two football bodies.
Should someone be shot dead for the NFA/NPL to wake up to a rather hostile and angry football crowd?
You take, for an example, a match between Orlando Pirates and Black Africa or African Stars against Pirates/BA; a lot of unlawful activities take place outside the stadium as no security personnel is visible to deter the potentially would-be criminals.
Civics were robbed N$7 000 from their gate takings last month. Next year, Tigers might have their bus stormed and shattered.
Do not sit in your so-called ‘VIP area’ and turn a blind eye on the less fortunate who are confronted by the daily ‘Botsotsos’ at football matches.