NAMAs raked in over N$3m for Swakopmund business community

An estimated N$3m was raked in by the 2014 Namas that took place in May in Swakopmund with the beneficiaries being the business community in Swakopmund.

NAMA Executive Chairman, Tim Ekandjo expressed confidently that it was an excellent decision made by the Swakopmund Municipality to invest and they should therefore be proud of it. He added that the Swakopmund Municipality contribution towards the Namas was the provision of accommodation to all nominees and some crew members which amounted to N$200 000 in kind owing to the fact that the local authority availed its Bungalows facility during the two day event.

Ekandjo also expressed that their understanding of a Municipality is not that they will benefit directly per say but however create opportunities and platforms for businesses in the town to prosper as the economy automatically benefits.

“The Mayor and his team should therefore be proud for having hosted such an internationally acclaimed event and importantly for having created opportunities for business people,” he said. Ekandjo went on to say that the paramount question should not be how much you have invested but how much your return on investment was and in this case the return on investment exceeds the investment by far. “We always make our expectations very clear with any town that expresses interest in hosting the event that accommodation for all nominees and venue cost would have to be borne by them as their contribution because this are ordinarily not cost that would exist when we host the event in Windhoek,” he said.

Ekandjo noted that it was not only about staging an event of this magnitude as further ensuring that the businesses not only heard about the Namas being held in their town but that they also experienced the event through their sales figures. He added that this economic objective was achieved it was indeed an excellent return on investment for the town of Swakopmund.

“Restaurants were packed with guest, car rentals were fully booked, hotels and B&B’s were fully booked, clothing shops were packed with guest doing last minute shopping for their attires, carwashes were packed, barbershops had long queues, entertainment areas were abuzz with patrons - all thanks to the NAMA’s,” added an enthusiastic Ekandjo.

Ekandjo also thanked the people of Swakopmund and the entire Erongo region for having hosted a successful event that they can be proud of, “the organising Committee have already started planning for the 2015 event and will engage all interested parties moving forward as we look towards hosting the 2015 edition with less than 3 months away before the call for entries for the 2015 edition,” he said.

The Vice Chairperson of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Swakopmund Branch, Hafeni Heinrich expressed the same sentiments as Ekandjo saying that it was a welcomed event that benefitted the Swakopmund and its economy greatly.

“The crest of business during the weekend was abundant and as players in the tourist industry I for one noticed the brisk business that happened and I would not hesitate to mobilize the business community of Swakopmund to come on board if the Organising Committee of the NAMA’s bring it to Swakopmund again, we would welcome it again with great nobleness,” said Heinrich.