A rotten sense of entitlement

There is a rotten sense of entitlement amongst Namibians, and this sense of entitlement stretches all the way from those that are sitting in parliament to those that are begging on the street corners: now calling themselves children of the struggle.
The two cases of entitlement these Namibians feel is the type that leads to missing millions in government offices, the type that makes money disappear from public projects, the type that is encouraging bribes in courts, police stations and traffic offices.
Then there is a sense of entitlement that struggle kids feel for instance. This is the case where someone wants an education or a job but does not want to work for it. They want it handed to them on a silver platter without any kind of effort just because their parents played a role before independence.
 Yes, a child of the 70’s and 80’s might have had it tough growing up, but there are tons of children right now having it tough, children who have lost their parents to illnesses of the new age, may it be AIDS, or car accidents.
They are still children who lost their parents, but they do their part to empower themselves by accepting free education and studying. Studying is their effort. That is how they show that they will actually like to meet someone half way.
 The rotten sense of entitlement in this age is the type that carries the label “we fought for his country”. It is the type that will bury those that are “fighting for the country now”. The first type of entitlement that is felt by the struggle kids most of who left the fields of their mother and fathers in the northern regions, to camp outside the Swapo Headquarters.
They have abandoned mahangu fields that yield bread for them, for most of their lives in order to chase a crazy dream, sold to them by anonymous people for obvious reasons. These ‘entitled’ children are now on the streets of Katutura asking people for money and when you ask them why they are doing it, you are simply told that “they need money because they are struggle kids”.
It’s this kind of sense of entitlement that is simply senseless because some of these kids, as they call themselves do not want to work as domestic workers, cleaners or petrol attendants because their uneducated selves despite not having any qualifications to work as lawyers, clerks or teachers, still want to have those jobs because they have been told that they can be whoever and whatever as long as they are struggle kids.
They are a race that has been told that the blood of their mothers and fathers which watered the freedom of the country, automatically entitles them to money that they do not want to work for. Sure the sacrifices by their parents are far greater than we can ever know, but do the descendants of the inventors of traffic lights get to speed through traffic on a red light just because their mother/father invented traffic lights?
It is ludicrous that someone in a government office, someone who has been given the power to sign cheques, someone who manages the country’s minerals also carries an attitude of entitlement, because that is now the attitude that you find in government offices. Money goes missing because someone feels entitled. The sacrifices of their parents or their own might have been so great that on top of the monthly salary they get from government coffers they also need to poke an extra hole on the side and suck more money. They drive free cars, of the latest models and they get donations of the latest gadgets. All of this is something they are entitled to. They are entitled because they are comrades. They can get away with anything just because they picked up a gun or because they were at the right place, at the right time during the struggle.
The kind of entitlement a struggle kid or former fighter of the struggle should carry is the type that says, I am entitled to building a better nation. I am entitled to making this economy boom whether it is with my domestic worker pay cheque or my accountant cheque. The only kind of sense of entitlement that makes sense these days is the type that says “I am entitled to not being a pest to the economy”.