Anatech Namibia hosts symposium

Anatech Namibia hosted a symposium in collaboration with South African firm Cepheid which probed the development of molecular systems kits, last week.
The organisation distributes products varying from the standard laboratory/health consumables, such as blood collection systems, X- ray aand HIV/Aids testing kits, to name just a few. In terms of improving the health care one of the leading molecular diagnostics companies known as Cepheid has dedicated all its resources in developing, manufacturing and as well marketing molecular systems and tests that are not only accurate but also easy to use systems and tests.
Anatech was established in 2006, as a training company for laboratory and Health products, and ever since it has become one of the leading suppliers to organisations such as the Namibian Institute of Pathology (NIP). The organisation is primarily engaged in the supply and distribution of laboratory and chemical products.
The molecular systems have been done through the automation of highly complex and time-consuming manual procedures; Cepheid’s solutions deliver a better way for institutions of any size to perform sophisticated genetic testing for organisms and genetic-based diseases. The hosting of the symposium profoundly benefited the Namibian doctors and those involved in the field of testing such as medical labs.
The main objective of hosting the symposium was as to introduce new kits that have been developed for the GeneXpert diagnostic machines. These new kits test quite a number of diseases of time. They can test for HPV and provide results in 60 minutes, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea results can be delivered within 90 minutes and in case of HIV tests they only test for HIV but also are also able to determine the patient’s viral load, which is something that’s currently tested for separately. Machines showcase new technologies and technics in testing for HIV and TB.
According to Geoffrey Kauta who is the Managing Director of Anatech Namibia, stated the benefits of the kits. He also gave an example of someone living in a village as a way of illustrating its benefits. Kauta stated that “a villager would need a ride to get to the nearest hospital and be tested”. He emphasized on the impact of the kits that they are contributing largely to the villagers as they are not time consuming, the feedback of the results is given out within a period of 90 minutes.
The introduction of the GeneXpert machines it has led to faster diagnosis enabling patients to be given treatment as soon as they are diagnosed. Furthermore it has made planning and management in the health sector an attainment for progression and controlling of epidemics or outbreaks such as these.
In addition delegates at the symposium were lectured about systems such as Remote Expert, a product that is concerned with the collection of data from all connected Cepheid systems worldwide. This sanctions proactive customer support and epidemiology monitoring.