Hage disappointed by poor attendance

The Prime Minister, Dr Hage Geingob was disappointed with the outcome of public servants who showed up at today’s e-Government Strategic Action Plan launch.

Geingob firmly expressed his disappointment after discovering that only four Permanent Secretaries came to the launch and only a few if any business people. The Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s office, Nangula Mbako said the other Permanent Secretaries failed to show up at the launch because there was an equally important meeting taking place at the Tender Board.

“Usually at these Tender Board meetings if you are not there, your projects will not be discussed,” said Mbako. Geingob however stated that the e-Government Strategic Action Plan is for modernising the service delivery in the public sector and that; this is how the nation is failing if people are failing to attend such functions. “You cannot run such a system without people around. People are supposed to use these tools but we are not here, only four PS’ are here. This is how things are done in government. It is deplorable to know that people do not show up for something that will excite them,” he said.

Geingob added that another factor that hampers our growth as a nation is the lack of a public private sector, saying that there is no collaboration between the two sectors as they work individually. Despite the attendance, Geingob was optimistic about the e-Government Strategic Plan Action saying that it will create a knowledge based economy that is technologically advanced.

“Namibia is the first country to use this system in Africa. We were all doubtful, we are still doubtful,” he said. Geingob also mentioned that by 2018 Namibia will have collaborations and networking and by 2013 there will be consistency and standardisation. “This aims at having a standardised and consistent approach, interfaces and interactions for developing and implementing solutions and rendering of services,” he said.