Jericho stars in Katutura movie

Rapper Jericho gave Vibe an exclusive on his role in the much anticipated locally produced film movie, Katutura.
The movie that just wrapped about a month ago, was directed by Florian Scott and is based on a crime story written by Obed Emvula.
The editing of the film is also understood to be complete and it is currently going through the process of producing voiceovers.
Jericho, the only local artist to feature in the movie, plays the character of Companhero, a right hand man of a gangster and drug dealer named Shivako, played by Emvula.
“I played this guy who is close to the main character, he does everything that his boss tells him. It was quite a fascinating role to play and I even surprised myself. I wish I could go more into details, but I can’t at this stage,” he said.
He said he landed the role after being invited to auditions by Erica Gerbard - after she had watched his acting in an NBC short film on gender based violence.
“Erica saw my potential and I think she believed in me. I did very well at the auditions and that’s how I got the part,” he said.
 The movie, according to Jericho, follows a story about a man who went to prison on diamonds dealing related charges.
“He left the diamonds with his younger brother when he went to jail, but the brother then died. Only his dead brother knows where the diamonds are and now you have two gangs going after the diamonds. The story gets a bit wider than that as it unfolds into a tale of two best friends turned enemies after falling in love with the same woman,” said Jericho.
The rapper said he is pleased with his acting in the movie and looks forward to landing other roles.  “I did well in this movie, it made me believe I have what it takes to take my acting to another level. I also want people to know I can go beyond acting a criminal role to something different,” he said.
He said the acting did however not disaffect his music, as he currently has a new video out, and is waiting for producer Araffath who is currently fully booked, to get back into the studio for work on his new album.