Woman defends pimp mum


A Windhoek resident, Cynthia  26- is regretting accusing her mother of forcing her to have sex with men   for her own financial gain –  after she had failed 1th grade at just age 17.
Though Cynthia has had a difficult relationship with her estranged mother in the last few years, the two have been on talking terms until last week when a heated argument broke out after she went to pick up her daughter from her mother’s house.
“I went with my boyfriend and she was drinking with some of her rich friends, she said the reason why I take my daughter to her place for weekends is so I can get space to sleep with other men,” she said.
Infuriated, Cynthia lost control, “I said she taught me how to sleep around when she sold me to those men. I know I should have not said that. I should not have judged her, my dad left her with nothing but my younger brother and I. There was a time when we had it so hard she could do anything for money,” she said.
While admitting that what her mother did to her in the past is inexcusable, the remorseful Cynthia said she regretted calling her mother a slut and shouting at her. “She tried hard to put my brother and I through school, now look where my brother is,” she said.
She said her brother is currently studying overseas courtesy of her mother’s political connections. “She has made a lot of mistakes, but I know women who have done worse. It is a family shame, but most families have those. She’s a good woman who made a lot of mistakes in the name of taking care of us,” she said.
Merlin refused to make a comment, threatening to sue if the story is published. “Write the story and I will sue you,” she said, before hanging up.
A close family friend who witnessed the feud corroborated Cynthia’s claims saying that during her outburst Cynthia accused her mother of having used her innocence for her own gain. She revealed that they (Cynthia’s family) used to live in a backyard flat in Otjomuise and that it was outwardly visible that Merlin (the mother) loved the good life.  “If you’d see the house she lived in and her car, there was a huge difference,” the friend said adding that in her view Merlin was always trying to figure out a way to make money and that she mostly stayed in the company of men.