Drunken masters stab each other to death


while heavily intoxicated, Rian Nabeb (18) and his best friend Jesaya Hande found themselves on each other’s throat after a small misunderstanding over money, at Ongava Street in Okahandja Park in Windhoek.

The latter died of stab wounds.  

Last week, Nabeb appeared before the Katutura Regional Court for culpable homicide but he testified that the stabbing was out of self-defence. 

He is currently in custody at the Katutura Police Station

Nabeb confirmed that both the accused and the deceased were highly intoxicated when the incident took place.

The court was told that Hande died two days after a screw driver had been used to pierce his neck. In his defence, he told the court, “Jesaya demanded that I should refund his money, which I did not have at that moment. When I wanted to leave the house we were drinking at, he blocked my way and started pushing me and stabbed me the cheeck and in self-defence, I grabbed a screw driver, which was close by and stabbed him back.”

Nabeb made a routine appearance at the court on November 21.