The Next Time

The following is a work of fiction, any similarity to an actual event is pure“Lizzy, my darling, are you home?” Jason Immanuel asked, smiling like a child.
Elizabeth sighed again. “I see you have been drinking again, Jason,” she said quietly. She turned from him to attend to the pot.
“I am a grown man, damn it, and I will—I will do whatever the hell—the hell I please,” stuttered Jason. “And don’t turn away from me while I am talking to you woman. I’m your husband, show me—show me some damn respect. Is the food ready?”
“Not yet, Jason. Just go take a bath and be patient,” said Elizabeth, serenely through gritted teeth.
“You don’t tell me what to do, woman!” Jason grabbed tightly, tugging forcefully at her. He ignored her pleas to release him. “You judge me with your eyes, thinking you’re better than me, but you haven’t even done your basic duty in the home. And now you can’t do the closet one after that!”
“The food will be done in a few minutes, Jason, just be patient. And my basic duty as your wife is not to cook for you. I am a business manager—” Elizabeth began to argue but she could not finish her sentence before a sizzling hand struck her eye. And another! “JASON STOP!”
Jason tipped the pan over in anger. Elizabeth was lucky the hot content just missed her. “Don’t forget to pick that up!” Jason said over his shoulder as he left.
Elizabeth couched on the floor sobbing into the night. This was not the first time this had happened, but she was fairly new to this new treatment from Jason. She knew what was triggering it, and to some degree, she was starting to believe it was partly her fault. They had been trying, ironically for the last nine months to have a baby without any success. Even though every fiber in her being shouted how wrong she was, Jason had made it seem like it she was to blame they didn’t have a child for so long she was starting to believe it. She slowly got up and made her way to the guest’s bedroom. She would sleep alone tonight.
Jason found her early in the morning. Waking, she first thought he was going to continue his work from last night, but he knelt down and began sobbing into her lap. “I am so sorry, Lizzy! I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing. I promise, this will never happen again. I’m done with alcohol. Never again.”
      Elizabeth had heard this all before, but seeing in that state moved him. She hugged him, though something told her he would do it again. Which is exactly what her cousin, Selma, said when she came to visit hours later after Jason left the house. Elizabeth greeted her with dark sunglasses but Selma saw through it.
 “Look, I know it may not be easy but you’re going to have to start thinking about your safety,” said Selma, holding a cup of coffee Elizabeth had offered her. “One day he’s going to take it too far, and it may be too late to stop it then. You have too many people who love you to throw your life away because of Jason, husband or not.”
Elizabeth smiled, touched by her cousin’s love. She knew Selma made a whole lot of sense, she just wasn’t prepared to leave Jason just yet.
To be continued….