Women get freaky with genital piercing

While many facets of African culture have viewed tattoos and piercing on various body parts as a taboo it seems women in Namibia are becoming more and more dynamic and find it easy to pierce their genitals
Reality is that whatever the piercing on sensitive genitals is an adventure worth taking or not a survey by Vibe shows that women are getting freaky and are paying a lot to have their private parts pierced.
Local tattoo artist Fabian Michael Nel aka Fabio, who has been at the helm of the Virus tattoo shop in Post Street Mall for over six years says more women are starting to become more daring in terms of piercings and tattoos.
In the beginning, he found it rather strange but he has since gotten used to it. “It is easy for a guy because he holds his own privates, but when a woman came into the parlour requesting a piercing or tattoo down there, it was always awkward. She would get on the counter and open her legs and before I knew it, I already had a boner! I would request time to calm down, but nowadays it’s happening so often I am even starting to feel like a gynaecologist,” says Fabio, adding, “You would be surprised it is mainly Oshiwambo women that do this, particularly those that hang around white folk.”
As to why more women are starting to decorate their nether regions, Fabio says there are various reasons. He has done tattoos for women seeking to cover up C-section scars and other unpleasant marks in the area. “From what I understand, some women get pierced just above the clitoris so that when sexual penetration happens, the extra sensation provides more stimulation. Some get it because apparently it feels nice when it pokes them when they walk.” An average tattoo costs about N$500 and upwards depending on the detail and technicalities needed to make it.
However Medical Officer and gynaecologist, Kavezembua Kavari says caution should be taken when employing metal or ink on genitals. It depends where on the genitalia you pierce, the technique used and how clean the procedure is done as that area, for both men and women, is synonymous with bacteria.
“The piece of jewellery should not obstruct what should come out, like urine. If it is at the entrance of the vagina or penis urethra then there’s a risk of bacteria building up. I attended to a woman with a piercing on her labia and it was fine. But if it is not done right you can get infections which can spread,” says Kavari. He adds, “This can destroy the tissue and disfigure the vagina and in some cases cause rectovaginal fistula.” This is when there is an abnormal connection between the rectum and vagina, causing faecal matter to enter the vagina.
The demand for genital piercings is growing; Fabio says he gets about one or two clients a month requesting it, and tattoos below the waist and above the knees are more common than that. But some people yet remain unconvinced. “That part is so sensitive, I don’t know if it’s safe. I would ever do it,” says Ashipala. With more Namibians becoming open to having ink permanently under their skin, Fabio plans to open up his own parlour soon.????????