NSC needs to shape up

In sector all over the world we have people that canvas for business on behalf of the players so that the players can just concentrate on the field, those people are called agents.
We also have sports’ bodies that represent various sport codes in the country so that they (sport codes) can just concentrate on their players but then you will find agents or sports bodies who fail to do their work resulting in sport codes to suffer, in this case it’s the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).
NSC is a statutory agency responsible for distributing funds and providing strategic guidance and leadership for sporting activity in Namibia. And lately I don’t think it is doing all that, for the past month or so The Villager has been tracking down all the sport codes in the country and all of them have a common main problem, which is lack of support from NSC.
Starting with rugby, the national team, Welwitschias despite clearly being the most successful team in Namibia, the team had to borrow money for their 2015 World Cup qualifiers in Madagascar, word in the street is that Rugby gets money straight from the Government but even then it must be NSC’s mandate to help the national team to qualify for the World Cup.
In the last week edition of The Villager revealed that talented Namibian basketball players are likely not to turn professional after it was revealed that basketball faces extinction after NSC has stopped funding the Namibia Basketball Federation.
And also in the same edition, it was revealed that Athletics Namibia receives N$3000 from NSC annually; when I heard it first I thought it was a joke, N$3000? And if that’s not enough it’s President, Alna Similo uses her own pocket money to travel to regions. Now how do you expect athletes to perform exceptionally well if a sports code is just getting N$3000? Who will get a share or how the N$3000 will be distributed remains answered?
Someone asked me whether the person who approved the N$3000 for Athletics was sobe . . . I failed to answer that question.
Cricket in Namibia was on a mission back in the days, which culminated them into qualifying for the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa. But now Cricket Namibia is unheard of and its only fair to point out that the N$81 000 that they receive annually is not enough to make noise around.
Whether thy are responsible for funding or not all these things are NSC’s responsibility to make sure that sport codes are well looked after and it’s their responsibility that they go after the culprits who are hampering the progression of the sports sector.  Now it’s up to NSC to heal to these sport codes cries and help them.  
Otherwise we will keep on celebrating mediocre, speaking of mediocre, the social media was bombarded with congratulatory messages to Helalia Johannes for coming 5th in the Commonwealth Games marathon. Trust me it’s only in Namibia you will find people celebrating mediocre in other countries 3rd place is not even an achievement but whom do we shift the blame to? …It is non other than the Namibia Sports Commission.  Are you upset or happy about this piece drop me an email.