SSC on Rundurura

During the recent Rundurura campaign, which the Social Security

Commission has been conducting, it became obvious that many

Namibians still need more detailed information about the benefits

that the fund offers.

Castro Tjizoo, Communication Officer at the SSC: “More public

education is needed judging from questions clients put forward. We

were asked for example about how much was needed to contribute

to the SSC MSD Fund; does everybody gets N$ 10 500 when on

maternity; why does SSC only concentrate on female members -

what other benefits are there; how much will I get when I injured on

duty, and how to report an accident? These were but some of the

most frequently asked questions. Numerous queries linked to labour

issues such mistreatment at work/ unfair dismissal were also posed

to us”.

The Social Security Commission, on the Rundurura public education

campaign, is happy with the results thus far and the customers

reached. Tjizoo: “For the past two to three weeks we have been in

Opuwo, Oshikango,Eenhana and Ondangwa as well as Nkurenkuru,

Rundu, Divundu and Katima Mulilo. As part of this campaign we

stage an information workshop to the invited employers and we

present to them the operation of SSC which includes the funds that

SSC is administering and other relevant topics as questions unfold.

At the same time we also conduct compliance inspection around

town to ensure that all employers comply with the provision of the

SSC Act”.

Tjizoo also added that he would like to see even more employees

and more interested customers at the meetings as people do not

take responsibility in informing themselves. “Only when there is

trouble do some come running to us and we would like to avoid this”.

He furthermore praised the new members who joined during this

road trip and all those who took the opportunity to engage with the


 Rudurura will be in Omaheke region from today, till 1 August 2014 in