Namibia mayor sign declaration to end hunger and malnutrition

A declaration to end hunger in Namibia was adopted by mayors, policymakers,

technicians, experts, and representatives of civil society organizations in

Windhoek yesterday.

The document promises a review of national policy and legal frameworks and

a commitment to harmonize current efforts to tackling food and nutrition

security. First concrete measures will oversee the establishment of Food Banks

and greening the riverbeds in Windhoek.

Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku at the closing ceremony of the

workshop yesterday said, “Now, mayors and municipality will be working on

implementing the agreed objectives. We will be showing you the greatest

political will this country has ever seen.”

The organization had brought in experts from the Brazilian city Belo Horizonte,

to share successful solutions on food and nutrition security.

In Windhoek, where the informal settlement population is growing at a rate of

4-5 percent each year, plans are already underway to turn neglected riverbeds

into gardens, where the city’s most deprived citizens will be able to plant and

harvest vegetables. The city had been struggling to provide residents with

access to sufficient and healthy foods.