MMI merger to broaden its market scale

Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) Calle Schlletwein said the merger between

Metropolitan Holdings and the Momentum Holdings Group (MMI) launched today will

provide them a greater market penetration.

 He noted that the newly created MMI will provide, “improved life assurance, investment

and savings needs to a broad spectrum of income groups but especially to the lower and

middle income groups. This merger I hope will also lead to an improved health care fund

administration and asset management needs of the Namibian market.”

Thus the merger will also enable them to diversify risk, enhance product offering, and

establish a far larger presence in Namibia and beyond borders, as Namibia is a signatory

to the SACU agreement of 2002 and the SADC Trade Protocol and Free Trade Area, which

regional integration processes provide access to a larger market for goods and services from

Namibia; “Nevertheless the government further remains ceased with exploring new markets

while consolidating new ones.”

He also reaffirmed the government’s position and view about the important role of the

private sector as the engine for growth and an important partner in national economic