Leave high school girls alone

So, apparently leaving high school can be devastating for some still dating 16-18 year olds in high school. Seriously now a fully grown, long bearded man studying at the University of Namibia and Polytechnic of Namibia should not be engaging teenagers.
So it comes as a shock for me to find out that these young men are suffering from ‘sugar daddy’ syndrome.
These guys are no better than Boko Haram, because what they are doing is called ‘kidnapping’. Guys, why can you not leave these high school girls alone?
 I know the city is really tough on people especially when you have officially become an unemployed adult fresh out of high school but guys need to put a stop to this “high school girl” chasing fever.
Trust me guys I get it. I really get that less than 24 months ago you too were a high school pupil but put into consideration that the moment you leave your last grade 12 exam please start to adapt to the conditions other adults have to live with.
My friend knows so many men in college who are busy with girls who still have curfews. I mean, are you really willing to risk the safety of your behind by putting yourself in a position where you might end up in prison serving 5 to 12 years for statutory rape.
My friend complains about three guys called Zox and Ismael who apparently cannot grasp the concept of dating women who are of a legal age. They are between the ages of 20 – 23 and are still chasing 16 to 18 year old girls who still have to get permission from their parents to go out after 6 pm.
 I promise you that, older women are not as complicated as they might seem. This column is written so you can wake up to the many laws you are breaking every other weekend with theses minors.
Are you ready to father a child with another child?
Are you willing to give up your studies in order to become a provider for a baby that you fathered with a 16 year old girl? Half the high schoolers you are chasing do not even know how many country countries are in Africa, or what SADC stands for.
Really man, leave these girls alone guys. You are no longer in high school so stop confusing these young ladies with your poems and your promises. You are already a college student, pick a struggle. You cannot be struggling with Accounts and Finances, and struggling to go pick up your high schooler from school at 13h00 when school lets out.