Students of the International University of Management, (IUM) will now enjoy more benefits from Namibia Student’s Financial Assistance Fund, NSFAF following a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions.
Chief Executive Officer of NSFAF, Hilya Nghiwete said the MOU will see IUM and NSFAF bring an end to the obstacles NSFAF sponsored students face during registration and examinations sessions because of unsettled fees.
Nghiwete said, “As we may all know, amidst our socio-economic challenges, Namibian students continue to face bottlenecks in their endeavours to access tertiary education at various institutions of higher learning. Indisputably, such bottlenecks owe their origin to the financial constraints and as a result students are often denied access to registration, learning facilities and examinations due to unpaid fees”.
Nghiwete added that the MOU aims to bring to an end to challenges faced by students, “The MOU aims at ending the grave uncertainties and inconveniences that NSFAF sponsored students continue to face at registration and during examinations sessions, being denied access to registration and examinations as a result of unpaid fees at given points in time” said Nghiwete.
Nghiwete added that , “Finally, I would like to emphasize that NSFAF remains a primary custodian of students’ interests in as far as they relate to funding, hence calling upon all our stakeholders to join us in the mission towards this goal.”
Commenting on the MoU, IUM’s Vice-Chancellor, Virginia Namwandi however said the MOU was to deal with trivial issues.
 “This MOU will minimise the hitches that has put IUM in the media for the wrong reasons and it will mean we will make it easy to solve issues affecting students. This MOU will address petty issues,” said Namwandi.  
She added that, “It consists of roles that both parties (IUM and NSFAF) are expected to ensure. The students will be allowed to register, write exams or get their results once they receive an award letter.”
Namwandi also said that IUM has already been doing the things stated in the MOU even before the signing, “We have always done that but now we are just formalising. The students who are loan holders were never denied services, where registration, writing exams or getting their results.  This signing just formally outlines specific roles and responsibilities so that all parties have a clear understanding of their purpose in the partnership” she said.