The bachelors of music....every song but the wedding one

While some have been jaded by lady liars and others have been disillusioned by divorce, most of our musical bachelors agree that the main reason they aren’t married is because they struggle to find trustworthy and loving partners who make up that mysterious mix of “marriage material.”

Hip-hop Nama Male Artist of the Year winner, Jericho (Gawanab) he believes in marriage and will definitely get married one day but doesn’t see this happening in any near future he can fathom.  

“I am surrounded by bad marriages,” says Jericho. “Things always fall apart and people are divorcing every day and I am just not ready for that type of saga right now.”

But despite the domestic disasters the award-winning singer sees all around him, he remains hopeful and describes marriage as “two people becoming one in terms of commitment, love, respect, stress, joy and responsibility” which of course means “fewer parties and staying at home to look after my family.” 

Jericho, who has a girlfriend now, is quick to point out that at the moment he just isn’t ready for “all that”.

Kwiku icon, Tate Buti, is a little more diplomatic about the marriage game but like Jericho, he is somewhat skeptical about the perceived pre-packaged bliss of matrimony in his assessment that “sometimes it’s fine to get married; sometimes it is not if it is for wrong reasons”.

 But whether it’s white picket fences or disaster and divorce court Tate Buti does not see himself getting married any day soon.  

“There is nothing special about marriage,” says Tate Buti frankly. “It is a waste of time and some people just want to show off that they are married yet they are not bearing the fruits of marriage and are just living miserable lives.”

Similarly Ma/gaisa hit maker Stanley says he believes that marriage is the right thing to do but like Jericho feels it is just not his time. 

“One day I would love to be a married man to one wife,” he says easily. “What is stopping me from marrying at the moment is just that I have not found the right partner yet.” 

And for those who have their sights set on being Mrs. Stanley the singer describes his Mrs. Right as “someone who does not drink alcohol too much and who knows when and where she should or should not drink”.

 Disrespect for Stanley’s family, in particular his parents, is also a deal breaker. 

Single senoritas should not be too quick to judge Stanley as domineering, however because like all men bitten he is twice shy and admits that he was once a victim of deception and therefore hates ladies who are not faithful to him. 

“I hate lairs,” says Stanley vehemently. “I once dated a girl who convinced me that I was the only man she was dating and a few days later I found out that she was cheating on me. So faithfulness is what I most want in a girl.” 

Contemplative African Boy says in the land before time, men married because they needed a helper and a mate to bear children to build a community but thankfully nowadays marriage can also be about love and commitment. 

GMP chief, Gazza is the only married popular artist in town having tied the knot to Golden last Christmas.

“I love the idea of marriage,” says African Boy enthusiastically. “I love the idea of a ceremony to make that commitment official in front of your family and friends.” 

And when asked how he stays faithful to his girlfriend when women must throw themselves at his soulful feet he says: “Musicians aren’t all unfaithful, that’s just hater talk. People who can’t mind their own business don’t know someone is being unfaithful and then spread these rumours that cause innocent artists to lose good women.”

Faithful to a fault and romantic as can be, African Boy does not see marriage as a priority at this stage in his life and prefers to keep his girlfriend’s name to himself. “I’m selfish with her like that,” he says with a laugh.

Last but not least, Afro-pop singer and guitarist, Big Ben believes that marriage should not be forced but comes naturally. 

“I believe marriage is good to those who believe in it and when it works it should be for good,” he says earnestly then adds: “In life some people are designed to be lonely dogs and they should not force themselves into marriage because others are doing it.” 

Though Big Ben does not plan to get married soon he says: “When granted the opportunity, I will not hesitate to grab it with both hands.” 

And there you have it, the bachelors of music waxing not so lyrical about the mire that is marriage and while it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll be remixing their respective weddings’ songs one can be sure that whomever they deign to march down the aisle will surely be their Mrs. Right; perhaps nothing more but certainly nothing less.  


What others say


Patrick from PDK

Marriage is a big step it is something that one should not take for granted you should be ready to settle down and I am very young to make that big decision at the moment. 

It’s a right thing to do and I will obviously get married one day.  It should be a lady I feel free when am around, she should be able to make me a happy man.  I should not get tired of her. Am in love and I don’t like open relationships they are very dangerous so I just commit m self to one lady. When go out for business it is business. I just try my best to keep my distance to avoid temptations.


Marriage is when two people commit to their life’s to one another they should be ready start a new life together and settle without compromise at the moment it is not my thing. 

I have not considered marriage yet I would not like to say never because I don’t know what the future hold but at the moment it is the last thing at the moment.

I am a free man right now, not in a relationship.

If ever I get married would just like to married to a lady who understand me.

When I go out for shows I just prepare myself because I know ladies will be throwing them into me but am not into girls who make the first move at show to avoid temptation I just don’t go to after parties I just go straight to where I am booked



Marriage today is a fashion trend that has lost value. People just get married for wrong reasons. Marriage should be built on a strong foundation. You should be friends because after marriage that is when all the wrongs start. I am just not ready at the moment but will definitely marry one day. I so much want a son and I would like him to grow up with both parents. I would love to get married to a woman who would laugh at my jokes. She should have self dignity, respect others must have a sense of humour but not too talkative. I am in love and in a committed relationship

Thanks to my music am so focussed and busy that I do not get time to look at other ladies. My lady should understand that she is my second love and music is my first love but I will do my best to balance the situation.