Deadly ÔÇ£friendzoningÔÇØ

I am sure everyone here understands what the ‘friendzone’ is because most of us have been there or are currently there right. Yes the friendzone is that sh*ty place between hell and a hard place that you have been put in by one specific woman or man whom you have romantic or sexual feelings for.
My friend I have resurrected this topic because friendzoning is an epidemic. 10 out of 100 men are affected by this airborne illness called friendzoning, in fact I am looking at a guy that has been friendzoned right now. For all the newbies, being friendzoned basically means being allowed to do all the things lovers do for each other except for romantic and sexual things.
Most friend zone victims are men, or at least that is what I have observed. Some of you might be wondering why a relationship with a woman you know is not progressing: it might be that you have been friend zoned and you will know this when:
You are the first person she calls when she meets a guy or when a guy breaks up with her. Unless she thinks of you as a brother/friend she will not tell you about other men, so if she is openly talking to you about prospecting lovers, my friend you are in the friend zone.
When she asks you to come into the bathroom while she is taking a shower, and she does not feel any discomfort, my friend you are in the zone. You are officially a brother from another mother. No normal woman would invite a man into the bathroom while she is shedding all her skin, normal women don’t do that unless it’s in front of girlfriends and boyfriends (friends who are male).
When her parents invite you to their house for dinner and other family activities, it’s possible that you are in the friendzone because a normal father would want to keep “horny” boys away from his daughter no matter how old she is, and if her father is fine with you coming over then you are definitely not a threat which means that he sees you as one of his own. Again this translates into you being in the brother friend zone.
Now how do you avoid this friendzone disease you may ask...
Stop being a damn p*ssy and ask her out already. Women eat that kind of thing up, when you are straight forward with your intentions. The longer you take to say, ‘woman I want us to be lovers and friends not just friends’ the more you sink into the friend zone. It’s true, good thing wait for no man indeed.
Also, set boundaries with her regarding how much you want to know, if she needs a hug or an ear then you are on the right track but the moment you become that friend who gives hugs but also at the same time goes to buy tampons for her, then my friend you are shoulder deep in the quicksand of friendzoning.
You’re the man, be a man and make sure she knows you are not a walking talking teddy bear. Be willing to taking chances romantically, as long as you don’t cross the line. Grab the woman, kiss her do something, as long as it does not land you behind bars. If she does not like it, ey! Then it is not meant to be but don’t waste away in the friendzone like an idiot.