Chronicles of Wernhill park hobo

There are two types of hobos you find at Wernhill Park, the type that should be locked away forever and the type that really needs help.
The ones that should be locked away is like the white guy you see sitting outside Antonio’s arts who is literally stealing the homeless hustle away from those that need it. This guy whom The Villager interviewed once said he is originally from South Africa and is stuck in Namibia without family.
He sits at Wernhill expecting people to give him money which he later uses to go buy pie and coke in Pick n Pay. Can you imagine the audacity of this guy? People with basic salaries cannot even afford pie in the middle of the month, heck I cannot even afford a pie but this guy can afford this.
The second guy that should be locked away is the guy that cries when he asks you for money. I guess the guy is trying to appeal to our humanity with his crying tactic. I saw him wipe his eyes then moved on to the next person to do the same things: Cry.
There are also crazy people, and I mean literally crazy. The guy who exposes his penis to women, the guy who walks all the way from Soweto market that spits on people and the guy who keeps asking for money but doesn’t say a word. All of them need to be in prison because that is just vile!!!!!! My colleague had her skirt lifted under the bridge the other day and I have never seen her so shocked. The guy that doesn’t say anything is a grenade wrapped in pink decoration, don’t underestimate him because he punched me once.
You also find the women out there with their babies. Those are also trying to appeal to our humanity. I mean who would not donate to a poor mother and her child? Funny thing is, these same women would be in Wernhill all month without the children and then all of a sudden on the 25th they have kids.
You also find the aggressive hobo. Now this is the guy who sells clothing hangers under the bridge and all over post street mall. This guy has picked up an aggressive sales strategy that would make you think that you are getting robbed in broad day light. These guys literally force you to buy their hangers. Their way of talking and the way they surround you indirectly says “ buy my hangers or I will stab you”.
Question though, why does Wernhill not have security to keep these kinds of trouble makers out? Whatever happened to “right of admission reserved”? Not to discriminate against delinquents but Wernhill should protect its clients. I am suing somebody if I get punched by another hobo.