M-jay out, Maj Beatz in at Deal Done


After being the in-house producer at Deal Done Records for nearly three years, M-jay left the label recently to start up his own.
While in partnership with Antonio Dragan of Antonio’s Art’s at Done Deal Records, M-Jay has worked with industry figureheads like The Dogg, Fishman and Mushe.
He registered his label, Drum Kit Music Production, earlier this year as he looks to do his own thing independently.  
"I was not part of Deal Done; I was in partnership with Antonio. Obviously you would not want to work in a partnership forever. I officially registered my record label early this year and I now have my own studio," said M-jay.
Though he admitted that it was too hard to swallow for Antonio when he informed him of his intentions to leave, he said there is no bad blood.  
 "Antonio took the news emotionally but I wanted to do my own thing. As for Maj Beats, there are no hard feelings; artists who have worked with Maj Beats will continue to work with him and the same goes for me,” said M-jay.
Antonio attributed M-jay’s departure to the fact that he has come of age. “When M-jay started this business he was a beginner but he grew up too fast. He wants to run his own business whereas three years ago he was different,” said Antonio.
Since re-joining the record label a month ago, after taking a break from music to lecture at the University of Namibia, Maj Beats said he has reclaimed his partnership with Antonio.
"I was a part of Deal Done years ago and I used to produce for Fishman. Basically I left back then and re-joined Deal Done a month ago. The producer who was there, M-jay quit. I spoke to Antonio, we signed a new partnership and a group," said Maj Beatz.
Maj beats has worked with the likes of  Exit,  The Dogg, Gazza, Jericho, among others.