Man stabs girlfriendÔÇÖs ex


A jealous boyfriend, Otto Amakali, chased down his partner, Reginalde Hilifilwa’s ex-boyfriend and stabbed him twice in the back in Oshakati last week.
According to Hilifilwa (25), Amakali (29) spotted  her having a conversation with her ex-boyfriend,  Zuze Domimgo (28), and then went to the boot of his car for a knife.
"They did not exchange a lot of words but before the two men chased each other down the road.  He caught up with Domingo because he is a bit fat and could not run. He then stabbed him twice on the back and nearly hit his eye out," she said .
Describing her boyfriend and father of her three year old son of five years as a ‘short-tempered, insecure and dominant individual,’ Hilifilwa said has beaten her on more than two occasions.
"At some point the state of our relationship was in such a mess that I left and went to live with my mother, but he came over a week later and begged me to go back with him," she said.
She described her relationship with Domingo as ‘nothing but friends,’ something she said Amakali has refused to accept.
 "He did not want me to speak to Domingo, but he is such a nice person that respects me and treats me as though we are related," said Hilifilwa.
Domingo said Amakali has been watching him for months before the attack, "He follows my car sometimes and there was a time when he could phone and text me persistently. He is a sick man who keeps his under surveillance, I have told her to dump him a long time ago."
“If you add all his activities together, you will see that he is a man who is prepared to kill another man over a woman. He is someone who keeps his wife under surveillance and watches her like hawk, now her friends don’t even talk to her much anymore,” said Domingo, who laid charged against Amakali. Amakali was arrested two days after the incident.
Asked if she was prepared to leave Amakali, Hilifilwa expressed doubt.  “ I don’t know what to think and do at the moment. There is a lot things to think about before I make that decision, which is what I’m doing right now,” she said.