Innovation Summit moved to next year

The Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) in collaboration with the National Commission for Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) have postponed    hosting of the first annual National Summit / festival on innovation to March 2015.
The summit  themed Innovation in manufacturing, NIBC,  Innovation Festival project , Angelica Bergmann, said  was initially scheduled for this August but has been moved further because  NCRST decided to join in the event’s preparations.
“The Innovation Festival is therefore postponed from 4th & 5th August 2014 to March 2015 to allow for sufficient time to establish a mutual cooperation between NBIC, NCRST and all other stakeholders. During the course of the coming months the NBIC will proceed with preparatory events in the field of Innovation and especially in Manufacturing.”
She also noted that they will be hosting various pre-conferences on the event as well as controversial topics within the theme of innovation in manufacturing, with internationally acclaimed speakers as a build up to the innovation Festival.”
 The first ever Namibia’s Innovation conference’s topic ‘innovation in manufacturing’ is aligned with Namibia’s National Developmental Programmes (NDPs). The NDPs put special emphasis in developing the manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and logistics sectors as a means of creating employment.
“The underpinning objective of the conference is to address the national development agenda of industrialisation on how Namibia can approach manufacturing in the local context in order to sustainably position itself as a global contender. Facilitate policy changes to encourage innovation and adaptation of appropriate manufacturing technologies by re-assessing Namibia’s national development and whether they are geared towards, facilitating local socio-economic growth,” NIBC noted.
Some of the topics that will be covered in the festival include the overview of the manufacturing industry in Namibia as well as its future, the design for manufacturability as well as applying technology to traditional        ingenuity.
The Festival will give the Namibian an opportunity   get an overview of Namibia’s position in terms of global competitiveness, build partnership through networking sessions as well as stimulate international interest in Namibian and regional innovations and influence policy makers and national stakeholders to implement appropriate support systems that will facilitate, encourage and enhance growth.
NBIC also said the Innovation Summit is estimated to cost about N$ 100 000 will initially be piloted as an innovation conference in order to solicit national, regional and international interest.
The idea of the Innovation Summit was born after NBIC jointly with South African Innovation Summit (SAIS) supported and took the initiative to include Namibians in the South African Innovation summit in the years 2012/ 2013 which then led to the Namibians seeing the necessity to replicate the same summit in Namibia.