NANTU, Ministry should own up

It has become obvious that in most cases a bad carpenter blames his tools. Maybe the same carpenter forgets that the tools do not operate themselves.
Recent reports confirm that NANTU is washing its hands and pushing blame to the Ministry of Education for the failure by some graduates to interchange into the industry.
NANTU also argue that the Ministry of Education should also be bold enough to admit that any loopholes found in the general school curriculum and the tertiary curriculum is their baby.
On the other hand the Minister of Education Dr David Namwandi argues that his ministry has done everything under the sun to improve the quality of education in the country and consultations are still ongoing to sustain the improvements.
It is pretty obvious that both NANTU and the ministry are in a position to take blame of the fact that whether we like it or not our graduates are being left out of the industry and are forming part of the unemployment statistics because they cannot adapt to industry needs.
This is a worrying trend considering that unemployment is the biggest challenge we have faced as a country since independence. What we need today is NANTU and the ministry putting their heads together to come up with a solution that will produce better high school graduates and indeed tertiary graduates.
While the buck stops with the minister to make sure that policy changes, NANTU also has to make sure their members are dedicated to delivering the best education Namibia has to offer. We cannot have two parties that are vital for the development of better graduates throwing tantrums at each other instead of admitting we are lagging behind 24 years on, on finding the missing link for the future.
We would expect the Minister of Education to go out of his way to make sure that vocational training is now the corner stone of the education system. It is not shocking that more VCT graduates will be employers than employees. It is high time we have this put in place because it has been on the cards since independence with every minister in that portfolio talking about it but what have we done so far?
In any case if NANTU is right, the ministry should own up and see what needs to be done to improve the curriculum. As well if the minister is right then NANTU should as well own up and double their efforts of producing better education.
The same should go for NANTU, they stop the blame game and nurture a good breed of pupils and students. Only then can we say you have done this. It is also important for both parties to note that judgement who is not doing what will come from the custodians of the education system, the Namibian public.
Reality is that when we were in pre-independence, blame was the name of the game, we could blame the colonisers for not doing enough to improve us. However this is now 24 years, we can only blame ourselves be it for failure to progress in educational delivery, economic emancipation or even poverty.